Green Initiatives

A look at Green Practices at ePly Services

We know that environmental responsibility is important to our clients and it is important to ePly too. Companies are quickly realizing how important it is to reduce their carbon footprint.

For instance, at ePly…

  • Some of our staff members work from home, reducing the number of cars on the road and the power used in the office.
  • If we do have to come into the office, we have a choice between parking and putting the cost of a monthly parking spot towards a transit pass.
  • We also encourage our clients to reduce paper waste by not printing off reports for their event unless absolutely necessary.
  • We recycle bottles, cans, and paper (you’d be surprised how fast it piles up).
  • We shut off our monitors, speakers, and personal computers when away from our desks in the office and at home.
  • We bring our lunch from home whenever possible in reusable containers and we make coffee here instead of buying coffee in paper cups.

ePly’s standard business practices:

  • We receive faxes electronically.
  • We send invoices electronically.
  • We send and receive contracts electronically.
  • We send and receive quotes electronically.
  • We send and receive promotional material electronically.
  • Our commitment to the environment doesn’t end when we’re done working. We try to reduce our carbon footprint at home too!