These registration system features allow event planners the flexibility to build  forms that meet their requirements.

Registration System Features

Form Customization

You control the look and feel of your registration form and all of the fields and related settings.  See samples.

  • All images, colours, fonts, and styles can be adjusted to match a website or event marketing material.
  • Add any number of fields and use logic to show and hide them based on selections.
  • Full control over all wording on the form and for emails, receipts, thank you pages, closed pages etc.
  • Allow registrants to attach files or images to their registration.

Mobile Friendly Forms

Forms use responsive design so that your attendees can register easily on a mobile device.

Event Pricing

The price registrants pay can be determined by several factors that are built in to the registration form including:
  • The date – early, regular and late pricing
  • The number of people they are registering – group or volume discounts
  • Promo or Discount Codes
  • Registration Type eg. member, non-member, student, speaker or any other category.

Group Registration

 Allowing more than one person to register on the same form is a requirement for many events.
  • Allow multiple delegates to register on one form
  • Allow guests of delegates to be added
  • Create discounts based on group size.

Collecting Payments

The ePly system integrates with most payment gateways and you can also allow the use of PayPal and offline options such as cheque, PO, Wire transfer or cash at the door if you choose to.  Learn more about processing credit cards.


Automatic Recurring Payments 

Allow your attendees to pay a deposit amount when registering and have future payments automatically scheduled and processed.


Limit Who Can Access the Form

When you have an event that’s by invitation only, with just a few clicks you can control who can access the registration form. To do this, the system creates a landing page for your event and registrants must complete a field such as email address or member number. The system checks their data against a list that you provide to determine if they can register.



To encourage registrants to help promote your event you can use the default social share icons or paste in your own code from the social network of your choice.


File Hosting

Upload your agendas, session descriptions or other event files in PDF or Word format so that registrants have easy access.


Limit Registrations For the Whole Event or Individual Options

Limits will make sure that you don’t over sell your event.

  • Limits work in real-time
  • Sold out messages can be customized
  • Limits can be shared between forms, for example if you selling dinner tickets on a conference for and on a separate exhibitor form.
  • Option to show the number of remaining spaces and/or current numbers on the form.


The system has built-in settings for French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese.   
  • Create multiple forms in different languages if you are targeting different regions. 
  • The formatting of currency is automatically adjusted to match many different locales.
  • Use the back end of the ePly system in English or French

Credit Card Capture

There are times that you may want to capture a registrant’s credit card information, but not process a charge against it right away as a means to help reduce no-shows or as security against a hotel room booking.  Simply asking registrants to enter credit card information into a regular text box field on a form would be irresponsible and would  violate your merchant account agreement and PCI rules.

eTickets and Bar Codes

When you are selling tickets for an event, you can have eTickets automatically generated and emailed from the ePly system to save you time and mailing costs.

  • This feature can be set up to accommodate the emailing, printing, and distribution of eTickets to people at anytime before the event. 
  • Purchasers can easily print or email tickets anytime after registering.
  • You have full control over the design and branding of the ticket.
  • Tickets work on mobile devices to eliminate the need for printing.

Back End Features 

Reporting Data Management

Reporting is in real-time and there are automatically created standard reports with the option to create any number of custom reports that you need.
  • The dashboard includes an overview of registrations including a financial summary.
  • All reports and data can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file.
  • Full access to view and edit all collected registration data.
  • Track deleted and pending registrations.
  • Track all payments and refunds.
  • Add notes, add registrations from the back end to over ride pricing and logic.
  • Create any number of custom reports with any number of fields, sorts and filters.
  • Reports can pull data from more than one form/event.
  • Option to make a report public to easily share some information

Managing Payments

The ePly system automatically records accepted and declined credit card payments and any other adjustments you make to a registration.

Emailing Registrants

It just takes a few minutes to set up an email and send it to the registrants showing in any report.  This is often used as a reminder about the event, to contact people who haven’t paid or are registered for a particular session that might have changed.


API Access

If you have a programmer on your end, you can use ePly’s API to pull data from the ePly system into your accounting, CRM or other software.


System Users

 You can set up any number of additional users in your account.

  • There are several access levels form full access to read only with the option to see all events in your account or to just one or more.
  • The system tracks who made the last change to a registration and when.
  • Create your own custom roles for finer control over access to form settings and reporting.

Generate Name Badges and Other PDF Files

See how to use the ePly system to merge registrant data into any type of PDF file for printing or emailing.


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