Customize Your Forms

The ePly System is greatly customizable, allowing you to configure not just the look and feel of your registration form, but also the questions asked, and even how they’re asked.

Aspects of the form that you can tailor include:

Form Branding

You can brand the form to match the look and feel of your website by changing the colour scheme of the form, uploading your own logos, adding background images and patterns, and setting the fonts. With a well branded form your registrants will barely notice that they’ve left your site. Just ask, and we’ll even take care of the branding for you for free.

See some well branded sample registration forms.


Fields and Layout

Add a combination of fields (text boxes, text areas, radio buttons, dropdown lists, or check boxes) to make up the questionnaire on your form – you decide on the labels and where they go. As always, free advice and support is available from our Event Registration Software Specialists, so that your form is optimized with the best type of questions for your specific event.

Tailor your fields with customizable options, labels, and fees.


File Hosting for Event Schedules, Session Descriptions and More

Easily upload MS Word and PDF files to the ePly system so that your registrants can access them from the registration form, the thank you page and/or in your confirmation emails.  See how to upload your images and documents.



When you create a form, the system will use default text and templates in key areas. You will almost certainly want to change the wording on the thank you page, closed page and confirmation emails. You can even edit the error messages for fields, text on the “submit” buttons and other messages that your registrants may see.