Group Registration

Add group registration to your form to allow multiple delegates to register for your conference at the same time.

This feature can also be used to register spouses/partners, to collect the names of golfers for golf tournaments or the names of ticket holders if you are selling tickets.

When the button is clicked it opens a new section on the registration form to collect the details for that person.

Group Registration Example


  • Group registration allows one person to register and pay for a group of people.

    Save people time by not having to register each person separately. People registering on the same form are automatically related in the reporting.

  • Controls to limit group size

    You can limit the number of delegates or guests that people can add to each form and/or limit the number for the whole event.

  • Group discounts.

    You can offer a discount if someone registers a certain number of people.

  • Group members can be sent a different version of the confirmation email.

    If you collect each group member’s email address, you can automatically send them a confirmation email with wording that is different than the main confirmation email.