Benefits For Canadian Organizations

ePly is a Canadian company that works with organizations throughout North America. If you are based in Canada too, you will likely have some specific requirements that most US based registration providers are unable to meet or don’t even consider.

Server Location and the US Patriot Act

The US Patriot Act allows the US government to access data on servers that are physically located in the United States, which violates the privacy policies of many Canadian organizations.

All of the servers that ePly uses to provide our online registration service are physically located in Canada and have met the requirements of Canadian Federal and Provincial governments.

If you need a letter stating that our servers are physically located in Canada, just ask.

Charging Tax on your event registration fees

Depending on how your business is structured, the type of event you are working on, and what you are selling, you may be required to collect HST, GST, or other tax. Simply apply a tax rate to a field and the system will take care of the calculations and tax reporting for you.

Tax rates for events


Tax Exemptions

If you work on government related events, some participants may be tax exempt. It’s easy to allow tax exemptions on your form and all exemption numbers and amounts are automatically tracked.

Tax exempt for events

Tax Reporting

If you do collect taxes for your event, you need to track all of the amounts to meet your government reporting and remittance requirements.

The ePly system has specific tax reports to track tax on purchases, refunds and exemptions and they are automatically added to your reporting area when you are charging tax on your registration form.


We Bill Our Canadian Clients in Canadian Dollars

Since we bill in Canadian dollars, you won’t get any surprises as exchange rates fluctuate. Also, you won’t incur any charges from your bank or credit card company because funds need to be converted into US dollars to pay your invoices.


Address Details

You should be customizing your fields for your audience and Canadians expect to see “Province” and “Postal Code” rather than “State” and “Zip Code”. You may find that some US based systems don’t have this flexibility.

Province list

Canadian Spelling

Make your Canadian registrants feel at home and spell words such as “Cheque” the Canadian way.

Cheque payment option


French Versions of Registration Forms

Some organizations that we work with need forms in French and others are required to have both English and French versions.

See section 7 on the Sample Registration Forms page for an example of a form done in French.

Forms on the ePly system can be fully French including all wording, validation and system messages, confirmation emails, receipts, etc.

French system messages

When you set the currency to French Canada, the formatting will automatically be changed on the form.