Limit Registrations

Use automatic limits so that you don’t need to worry about overselling your event.

Event Limit Screen Shot

  • Control limits in real time

    The limits screen will show you up to the second information on how your limits are filling up.  As registration progresses you can adjust the limits with just a few clicks.

  • Share limits between forms

    When you have the same registration options on more than one registration form (a conference registration form and an exhibitor form or an English and a French form) you  can share limits between the two forms.  This means that when the limit is reached, the item will automatically appear as sold out on both forms.

  • Display limits on the form

    As an option, you can show show the limit values beside the fields on the form. You can also show how many people have selected that item.

  • Customize sold out messages

    You control the wording that appears when a limit is reached or just have it removed from the form altogether.

  • Sophisticated limit checking

    When there is a rush of registrations, you need to be sure the system can properly control the limits and not over sell your event.  If a limit is reached while someone is filling out their form they will be notified before their registration is accepted so they can make alternate selections.