Price Calculations

There are several ways to automatically control the price of items on your registration form.  All calculations are done by the system so arithmetic errors are eliminated.


Set Pricing

Set a different price for each option or category on your form; when the option is selected, the amount will be added to the total.
 Radio button image

Pricing Based on the Date

Encourage people to register early by offering an early bird discount.  The pricing will automatically change at the time and date you specify.

Step 1 – Define date ranges

Event Pricing Date Ranges

Step 2 – Apply the date range to a field and set the price

Apply date ranges to control price


Pricing Controlled with a Code

Give codes to registrants to use for discounted or complimentary registrations.

 registration code image


Pricing Logic

The price of an item on your form can be based on how the registrant responds to another field.  For example, if they indicate that they are a member of your organization, the member rate will come up for all of the fee based items they select.

Tax Calculations

Sales tax can be calculated if you are required to charge tax by your government.  The system tracks collected taxes in online reports. 

Tax boxes

If some people registering for your event are tax exempt, you can add an option for them to enter their tax exemption number and to not pay the tax when they register.  All exemption details are tracked in the online reporting.

Tax exempt Image