• Custom Reports

    Since your event is unique you need customized reporting. We will create customized reports for you or show you how to do it so you can see any combination of the collected data you need.

  • Downloadable reports

    Easily get your data into a spreadsheet so you can produce mailing labels, name badges, email lists and merge with other data.

  • Track deleted registrations

    Even if someone won’t be attending the event, you will still need to track their payments and refunds for accounting purposes.

  • Add registrations in the backend

    You can bypass the required fields and pricing for special circumstances if you need to.

  • Public Reports

    With a single click, you can make a custom report public.  This means that anyone with the link can view the report without needing to login to the ePly system.  Use this to help keep committee members up to date or if you want to post a list of registrants on your website.

  • API Access

    Use ePly’s API to automate moving registration and payment data into other systems that you use. Contact ePly’s support to learn more about using the API.

  • Unlimited access to reports

    You can access your registration list, payment summary, and guest list anytime, and anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Edit and delete registrations

    Updating your registration data online means that everyone with access to the reports will see the same information.

  • Dashboard with… statistics

    Stay on top of your registrations by monitoring the number of registrations, how much money you have collected, etc. all on one page.

  • Add registration notes

    Keep track of notes on each registration for future reference. You can have multiple notes on each registration and the user creating the note and the time and date are automatically recorded.

  • Shared Reporting Between Forms

    Combine data from two or more forms for a complete snapshot of your running events, or for your events with forms in multiple languages.