Wondering about our price?

Comparing registration systems isn’t always easy. Each supplier has a different service offering and most come with many different pricing models.

Like all well thought out buying decisions you need to consider the actual total cost of the registration system you are considering. Many registration companies promise a low price, but dig deeper and you’ll find out this isn’t the case. Our published price may seem higher than some services and lower than others, but we believe it to be of exceptional value.

Here are a few points to consider:

Great registration forms are the start of a great event.
We look at event registration as a sales opportunity and have designed our system to make it easy for people to sign up for your event. We also look at each registration form and offer advice on things you may want to change to make it easier for someone to commit to your event. Small changes can have a real impact on your registration count.  Consider this example: An event with an average cost to attend of $200.00, with 200 people expected to register.  Since the appearance and functionality of your registration form will have an impact on the number of registrations you receive, a well designed, error free, easy to use form may bring in a minimum of 5% more registrations compared to one that is confusing, hard to use or causes problems.

  ePly Other System
Number of Registrants 210 (5% more than other forms) 200
Registration Revenue $42,000 $40,000
Cost of Reg System $840 (210 x $4.00) $400 (200 x $2.00)
Revenue after registration cost $41,160 $39,600


In the example above you can see that even though the cost of the ePly system is twice as much as the low cost system, the end revenue is $1560.00 more. In addition, remember that a quality system like ePly will make you look good and free you up to plan the event rather than deal with registration problems.

Bad forms will cost you money and embarrass you.
Registrants can abandon your form with one click, and many do if your form comes up with the wrong price, gives an error or doesn’t load quickly enough. Some people intend to come back and try again later, but many never do. Just as in the example above where a good form will make you money, a bad one will cost just as much, if not more. We will help you get it right.

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