Why does ePly charge 1% of credit card amounts when I use my own merchant accounts?

There are a number of reasons that the 1% is a part of ePly’s pricing model:

  1. We see this as a fair way to charge for our services because our fee is tied to the revenue being generated for an event rather than having a higher per registrant charge for all registrations.
  2. When credit card processing is involved, you get more value from the ePly system since payments are automatically tracked, receipts are emailed and reports are updated saving you hours of time.
  3. Maintaining a credit card processing system requires a lot more work than non-credit card payment types such as cheque or money order. We must maintain our PCI certification, conduct an annual audit, run monthly scans, and keep our software up to date with the latest security features. Plus as your gateway changes, we are there to keep your processing running smoothly.

Also keep in mind that many online registration providers will charge a percentage of all revenue generated by your event. ePly doesn’t charge a percentage on non-credit card transactions.

ePly has a declining scale that reduces the 1% based on your registration fee, contact us to discuss the options if your average registration fee is over $600 or you have a high volume of transactions.