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7 Google Tricks for Event Planners

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7 Google Tricks for Event Planners - Image

Researching is a skill that all event planners must have and finding relevant information is key to making the best decisions for your event company and the clients you serve. The majority of us rely heavily on the power of Google to help with researching efforts but we are unaware of handy shortcuts on how to get relevant information quickly. In this post, we give 7 Google tricks for Event Planners that will make your job easier and efficient. It’s our hope that you can add these tricks to your event planner tool box.


1. Use ‘Advanced Search’

The easiest way to use this feature is to type in your search topic in the Google search bar and when results come up, click the gear icon at the top right of the page to bring up Advanced Search options. From here you can easily find page with exact or related words and even subtract words that you don’t want searched. You can also specify it even further by choosing the file type, language, region, and site to look in.

Say you are looking for an event venue in a certain city, if you type “event venue in Vancouver”, the top 3 websites that come up are nightclubs. If you don’t want to hold your event at a nightclub,  put “nightclub” in the ‘none of these words’ advanced search box, it will help get you the relevant search results that you wanted.

To get even more savvy and quicker with searches, learn these punctuations & symbols for Google Search Commands. This is especially helpful if you are searching on your mobile device.


2. Drag an Image to Google’s Image Search to Get Better looking Pictures

This might blow your mind as you can drag images directly from your file folder into the Google Image Search bar to get Google to find similar looking images.

Two applications of this for event planners is a) searching for headshots or company logos; and b) finding out if someone has used a photo of yours that may infringe on copyright.


3. Easy Definitions

Need to expand your vocabulary a little bit? You can simply attach “define:” in front of the word you want a definition for.

Event planners might need to know how to collect payments with credit card online. Some companies will refer to a merchant account and you might not know what that means. Type “define:merchant account” in Google Search to get an immediate definition.

Google Tricks for Event Planners - Definitions


4. Check Flights Arrival and Departure Times

If you know the flight code and number, you can type this in Google Search and it will give you relevant information on flights’ itinerary as well as live flight tracking and if the flight is early or delayed.

If you are facilitating special guests or speakers arriving moments before the the event start or leave immediately after their session, you’ll want live information for your drivers to pick up/drop off them off at the appropriate times. It will also provide the gate number they will be leaving from or arriving at. Try it yourself by typing the flight number (WJA455) in Google Search.

Google Tricks for Event Planners - Flight Time


5. Forecast

For event planners, when organizing an event in another city or location, you might need to take into consideration the weather conditions. For example, if the forecast says there will be thunderstorms in the next week or two, you will need to make a decision on whether or not to cancel/postpone that awesome windmill festival you’ve organized. You can easily find the forecast of a city or location by typing “forecast [city’s name]”.

Google Tricks for Event Planners - Forecast


6. Unit Conversion

Convert practically any units, for example, centimeters to meters, meters to feet. This is especially important for international events where other countries may use different measurements. You can even convert temperature, data storage size, and fuel consumption. 

Another way event planners can use unit conversion is to measure the distance needed between tables or booths. Sometimes you’ll need to convert meters to feet.

Google Tricks for Event Planners - Conversion 1

Google Tricks for Event Planners - Conversion 2
*Example of conversion types when drop down list appears after clicking Length


7. Calculator

Google can do calculations for you.  You can search on the term “calculator” to start a online calculator or you can just enter an equation right into a search such as (300*45) and get an answer. 

As an event planner you might need to know how much each registration is going to cost you. You’ll want to calculated merchant account fees per transaction. For example, if the cost of the  event is $100 and your merchant account provider is charging you $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% credit card processing fee, it would look like this:

Google Tricks for Event Planners - Calculator


With these 7 Google Tricks added to your tool box, we hope that your searches will be faster and more relevant to your event company and clients. If you need help with utilizing any of these 7 Google Tricks for Event Planners, we’re always happy to help. Please contact us at 1-800-507-3759 and press “2” for support. If you want to streamline your online registration, Create an Account with ePly today!


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