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ePly System Updates and Tips
July 26, 2012

New Registration System Features July 2012

Event registration has always been more than simply taking names and counting tickets – that’s why the ePly Development Team has been hard at work, adding new features and functionality to our online registration software package. Email Invitations ePly clients can now upload a list of contacts and send out email invitations to events from …Read more

ePly System Updates and Tips
February 27, 2012

New Event Registration System Features

If you’ve been working in the ePly event registration system recently, you’ve probably noticed a few changes.  To keep you up to date, here’s what we’ve been working on:   Field Setup Before this update, when you were adding list items to drop down lists or radio buttons you had to save after adding each …Read more

ePly System Updates and Tips
December 31, 2010

New Online Registraton System Interface Released

Happy New Year from ePly! We are excited to announce a new release of the ePly registration system. The next time you login to the ePly system you will see a brand new interface offering improved usability and several new features. The most noticeable changes are to the look and fee and the layout of the …Read more

ePly System Updates and Tips
November 20, 2009

ePly Online Event Registration Software Launches New Self-Serve Version of their Software

Vancouver, BC – November 23, 2009 – ePly Services Inc. (@ePly), an online event registration software company based in North Vancouver, B.C. is excited to announce they have launched a new holiday season campaign designed to assist the United Way in generating much needed donations. This unique campaign, a first in the event registration industry, …Read more