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November 29, 2010

5 Easy Ways to Make Your International Registrants Feel Welcome

Unless you’re escaping winter weather or otherwise simply escaping, holiday travel isn’t generally a topic of choice. Images of crowded airports, long lines, security searches, screaming children, exasperated parents and bad food quickly come to mind. And really, unless you’re soaring on good spirits because you’re heading off on your Caribbean vacation, most travel is …Read more

Event Planning and Marketing

The Spit And Polish: How A Professional Writer Will Help Attract People To Your Event

Ever opened an email or letter to find that your name has been spelt incorrectly? No matter what the content of the correspondence, this signals rushed and sloppy work and the sender’s professional credibility dips pretty low. I’ve known plenty of people to hit delete or bin the material at this point, figuring it’s not …Read more