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printing name badges
Event Planning and Marketing
June 5, 2015

Printing Name Badges At An Event

First impressions are the most lasting and that’s no different when checking attendees into your event. This is especially important for on-site registrations. One way to make them feel included is by printing name badges on-site. But how do you check them in seamlessly and minimize the waiting time? We’ve come up with ways to get you …Read more

Event Planning and Marketing
May 8, 2015

7 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Dedicated Name Badge Printer

You may have experienced lugging your office printer to an event to print onsite name badges but did you know that there are dedicated name badge printers that are portable, easy to use, and print amazing looking name badges? Traditional office printers print full sheets of paper which lead to wasted stock or a frustrating …Read more

image with common wording errors
Event Planning and Marketing
April 26, 2015

Are You Making These Common Wording Errors on Event Websites and Registration Forms?

With everything that goes into creating your website event page and your online registration form, the last thing you want are some grammatical flubs to muck things up. At ePly, when we see wording and grammar errors on forms and site content, we always try to point them out to our clients. So we thought …Read more

2014 Posts
Event Planning and Marketing
December 23, 2014

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

2014 has been a busy year at ePly. Here’s what other event professionals, like yourself, loved the most on your source for event registration tips and industry blog.  How to Ask for a Great TestimonialWe illustrate the difference between an OK and a GREAT testimonial and give you a template to use when asking your participants …Read more