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Registration Form Eight Things
Online Registration Best Practices
June 16, 2016

Does Your Registration Form Do These Eight Things?

The answer to the question “What should a registration form do?” might seem obvious, but if you respond with “Collect registration data”, there is a good chance that you can improve your registration forms to increase conversions and put on memorable events. From our experience, here are eight things your registration forms should be doing in …Read more

Increase Event Attendance
Event Planning and Marketing
May 18, 2016

Increase your event attendance by helping your participants justify the expense

Getting an event thoroughly attended can be an arduous task, especially if your charge significant event registration fees and are trying to attract a national or international delegation. It can cost an attendee thousands of dollars to attend your event – most will not pay out of pocket. They’ll need funding, which is where their …Read more

Beneficial Cancellation Policy
Event Planning and Marketing
April 14, 2016

Event Cancellation/Refund Policies That Really Work

At some point, everyone has had to make a change to a registration or request a refund for an event they’ve committed to attending. There are endless reasons for change requests, ranging from conflicting schedules to the changing of one’s mind. Some events will allow participants to make changes without any hassle, but for others …Read more

Event Confirmation Emails
Online Registration Best Practices
March 16, 2016

Pay Attention to Your Event Confirmation Emails

An advantage of online event registration is the ability to automatically send event confirmation emails. While the main purpose of this email is to confirm that a registration has been received, it is also a perfect avenue for providing event participants with additional information and reminders.   Cover Off The Basics Remind people what they registered for. …Read more