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December 9, 2014

7 Easy Ways To Increase Donations

When we’re setting up online registration forms for our clients, we are often asked to include a field for people to enter an additional donation to the organization putting on the event or for a charity the event is supporting. It’s great to see people supporting organizations working for a good cause, so here are a few …Read more

Blog Chrome Extension
Online Registration Best Practices
December 5, 2014

Top 5 Chrome Extensions That’ll Make Your Registration Form Flawless and Functional

We’ve let the cat out of the bag by giving you some trade secrets to help make your registration form branded and customized. If you don’t want to get technical and want someone to take care of branding your online registration form for you, we will brand your form for free. Just ask and one of …Read more

Event No Shows
ePly System Updates and Tips
November 2, 2014

A Solution to Discourage Event No-Shows

A very common bit of event planning wisdom says that much of the value of an event comes from the value that you assign it, meaning generally that if you host a free event, while you may attract a lot of participants, you are almost always guaranteed event no-shows. For the registrant, it was nothing …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices
June 2, 2014

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Collect Twitter Handles on Your Online Registration Forms

  Getting people to input their information on a registration form is hard enough but sometimes, depending on the event, it might be useful to collect Twitter handles from attendees. We feature below some of the shoulds and should nots when it comes to collecting Twitter information.   You SHOULD be collecting Twitter handles if …Read more