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Online Security and Payments
June 6, 2016

3 Event Registrations Scams To Watch Out For

Event registrations scams are becoming prevalent as internet scams are expected, albeit annoying, intrusion on our personal and business lives.  While online event registration is certainly not exempt from scams, simply being aware of the types of scams that are circulating should minimize any repercussions that they could have on your event. That being said, some …Read more

Online Security and Payments
August 29, 2014

What You Should Know About Letters of Invitation

  Be Aware As an event planner, you may find yourself with a request for a Letter of Invitation from a potential participant from overseas. While you’ll probably be understandably excited that your event has generated such worldwide interest, you need to be aware that such requests can mask fraudulent registrations. Signing up for your …Read more

ePly System Updates and Tips
February 25, 2014

New to ePly – Increased Control Over Unpaid Registrations

Abandoned and declined transactions are a fact of life not only when using an online registration system, but with all transactions, online or otherwise. In response to customer demand, ePly has added a new feature to help you manage those unwanted but inevitable registrations. Status: Pending If the registration is left unpaid, you set the …Read more

Online Security and Payments
October 25, 2013

The Privacy Risk of Event Registration Systems

You might be surprised to learn that some online registration companies give themselves permission to use the data collected from your attendees for their own purposes. This likely violates the privacy policies of many organizations and it puts the event planner’s reputation at risk if attendees make the connection between registering for an event and …Read more