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Online Security and Payments
July 12, 2013

Opening Merchant Accounts For Your Event

When you apply for merchant accounts to accept credit card payments for your event, the account provider will ask to see your website and/or the registration form before they issue your accounts.  They will be looking for proper security (all security should be taken care of by the registration system provider) and some key pieces …Read more

Online Security and Payments
December 7, 2011

eCommerce Merchant Accounts For Events – What to Watch For

A major component of event registration is credit card processing and it’s not always easy to fully understand all of the different fees and terms various providers offer.    There are many important factors in putting on a successful meeting, conference or event including making sure you have a cost-effective program for accepting Visa and …Read more

Online Security and Payments
November 29, 2010

Collecting Event Registration Fees With Online Credit Card Transactions

Online credit card transactions are becoming much more common as consumers grow comfortable making online purchases. This change in thinking puts pressure on event planners to allow event participants to pay registration fees online using their credit cards. In the end, both event planners and participants win in terms of convenience, accuracy and security. In …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Ten Trust Building Ideas For Your Online Forms

Last month we described ten design related items that may stop people from using your online registration forms. In this article we suggest ten things that you should do to build trust with your event participants that will lead to more people registering online. 1. Don’t make people join another service before they can register. …Read more