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Online Security and Payments
November 29, 2010

Five Ways To Collect Payments When Using Online Registration

Using online registration has many advantages for event planners and event participants. This is especially true when an online registration system can help deal with collecting event fees. There are several different payment options to consider when setting up your online registration system and each has advantages and disadvantages for different types of events. Below …Read more

Online Security and Payments

Card Smart: The Safe Practice Of Online Credit Card Processing: 3 Things Event Planners And Their Attendees Should Look For

It’s fair to say that chasing up payments is on the list of life’s most tedious and time consuming tasks. The advent of online credit card processing (instant transactions), has somewhat alleviated this for event organizers who use it as a benefit of online event registration software. Credit card use however, already carries its fair …Read more

Online Security and Payments

How To Spot A Fraudulent Registration

Last month, we introduced you to three scams that we’ve seen associated with online event registration. This month, we want to provide you with some tips on how to spot a fraudulent registration within your database. If you missed last month’s article or would like to review it, go to: Three online event registration scams to …Read more

Online Security and Payments

What To Do With A Fraudulent Registration

Over the past two issues we’ve been looking at types of event registration scams and how to spot fraudulent registrations in your database. Now that you can easily identify when a scammer has targeted your event, what should you do about it? If you missed last month’s article or would like to review it, go to: …Read more