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Research Online Registration Systems
November 26, 2010

What About Building My Own Online Event Registration System?

Building your own online event registration system sounds like a great investment, but programming and maintaining your own system can be much more expensive and time consuming than you might expect. As an online registration company, it would appear biased for us to recommend not building your own online registration system. That aside, we truly …Read more

ePly News
February 20, 2009

What to Expect When Working With ePly!

Not knowing when to expect to hear from a supplier can be very frustrating. Did they get my email with my requests? Are they giving me the priority I need? Do they know I’m under a deadline? What should I tell my client or boss who is asking, “When the form will be live?” At …Read more

Research Online Registration Systems
May 3, 2007

Get Set Up With Online Registration In Less Time Than You Think

I’m writing this for people who like the idea of online registration but imagine it’s a time consuming ordeal to get set up. If you are using a professional full service online registration provider you can be fully set up by investing as little as an hour of your time for basic seminars, meetings, conferences …Read more