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ePly Experts Will Check Your Registration Form for Free

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Experts Check Registration Form for Free
It never hurts to have someone else review your work – Just ask and one of our experts will review your registration form for free and let you know if they spot anything that might impact your event. 

Support staff are registration experts who care about what you need and they are willing to go out of their way to make to help your event succeed. A huge reason why planners rave about the ePly system is our dedication to our customers. It’s what makes ePly different from other online registration providers in an exceptional way.


What We Do

  • We scan your registration form and point out items like inconsistencies on pricing, dates, or other details. In the back end, we make sure that the information you’re wanting to collect is optimized for the reporting.
  • We suggest changes to help prevent registrants from becoming confused or abandoning the registration form.
  • We brand your registration form for free; If it looks like there might be formatting issues or if an image/logo is distorted, we’ll help match your form to a website so that the colors, fonts, and formatting are consistent for a professional look.
  • We let you know about features you might not know about that will improve your form and maximize use of the ePly registration system.

All of these suggestions will come to you in either a phone call or a concise email and major changes will never be done without your expressed permission.


What We Encourage You to Do – Test Your Form!

When you are building your own forms, we encourage you to carefully test your registration form and related functions by submitting test registrations. Find as many people as you can to submit test registrations and challenge them to find issues. For help on what you or your team should be looking for when testing a form, please see our Form Testing Checklist.


How Can You Get Your Form Checked?

There are 3 ways you can request for an ePly Expert to check your form.

  1. Call us at 1-800-507-3759 and press “2” for support
  2. Email us at support@eply.com
  3. Live Chat with us directly from the ePly website or by clicking the Live Chat button when logged in to the ePly system


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