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ePly Event Registration System Tune Up

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We’re making the ePly system better everyday with improvements. You may or may have not noticed but these might help make using our registration system even better.


ePly System Tune Up


Automatically close a form when a limit is hit

You can now show the closed form page once a limit is reached by selecting this option when you configure your limits. It will appear in the very right column when you add a limit in the Limits area in Advanced Options.

Limit is Reached


Delete registration forms

You might’ve noticed the red X on the very right of your registration forms in the My Forms page. You will now have the power to delete registration forms that don’t have any live or pending registrations. This way, if you make the mistake of copying the wrong form, you can easily delete it. Simply click on the X, read the prompt carefully and type the word “Yes”, then click OK.

Delete Form


Edit field visibility from the field list page

Now you can make fields ‘Visible’, ‘Disabled’, or ‘Hidden’ in a snap. From the field list, you can click on the icon in the status column to bring up options to quickly change the field status instead of going back and forth between fields.

New Status Icon 

visible disabled hidden

Speaking of which, you can now easily go back and forth between fields with our next improvement.


Next and previous buttons on the field settings page

Instead of having to go back to the field list, you can easily edit consecutive fields by clicking Next Field or Previous Field at the top of the field settings page. Make sure you always click Save if you’ve made changes to the field you’ve been working on.


Previous Field Next Field


Sold out message colour setting

The standard color of the font for the sold out message is red but you can now customize this to match with your theme or design. You can make this modification in the Look and Feel section under the ‘Form’ heading.


If you have any feedback about these improvements or want to contribute by letting us know what you need from the ePly system, we are happy to hear from you. Simply complete our feedback form and just know that any inquiry or suggestion will be given great thought and discussion by the ePly team.


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