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ePly System Update – New Features

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Mobile Friendly Forms

We’ve recently updated our registration form rendering to use responsive design – this means that new forms will automatically adjust to work on phones and tablets.

Along with these changes we’ve updated the base look and feel of the forms and have added a few new features, see the images below for details.

If you like to make highly customized forms with CSS, then this update is good for you as you now have access to control more elements on the form.

Soon all new forms created in the system will use the new style and rendering, but if you have an existing form that you would like converted, just contact us and we will convert it for you.

new mobile friendly form top

mobile friendly form bottom

Shared Reports

If you have more than one form for an event such as an attendee and an exhibitor form or forms in different languages, you can now set up a reports that pulls data from multiple forms and combines it into one report.

To get started with this, just click into the custom report settings and click the “Include data from other forms” button and you will see a screen that lets you choose which forms to pull data from.

shared reports

API Access to Registration Data

If you want to automatically extract registration data from the ePly system to use in our own database you can now do that with ePly’s API.

To get started with this, please contact us and we can fill you in on what you need to do and provide you with the documentation.

Tracking Deleted Registrations

Sometimes you need to look back at a deleted registration and now you can see which of your users deleted it and when.

deleted by tracking

Convert Demo Registrations to Live

We’ve had some people so excited to start registration that they’ve sent out the link to the online form before they made the registration form live.

In some cases, the people registering didn’t notice the demo warning at the top of the form and submitted their registration. We hope that with our new demo mode warning banner this won’t be an issue, but if it does happen you can easily convert the demo registrations into live one by clicking the convert to live button.

convert to live registration button

More Customization Options on the Look and Feel Page

More customization options allow you to quickly and easily fine tune the look and feel of your form. Adjust section spacing, form spacing, and form fonts.

look and feel settings

Next on our List

We’re working on some other changes that you will see out soon, including an app for your phone so that you can keep track of your registration data while away from your desk.

If you have any suggestions for features that you will like to see, please let us know.

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