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New to ePly – Increased Control Over Unpaid Registrations

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Abandoned and declined transactions are a fact of life not only when using an online registration system, but with all transactions, online or otherwise. In response to customer demand, ePly has added a new feature to help you manage those unwanted but inevitable registrations.

Status: Pending

If the registration is left unpaid, you set the system to automatically confirm the registration, put the registration “on hold”, or delete the registration outright. This is accomplished through the new Pending registration status. You can also decide if these registrations are allowed to take potentially valuable space on limited-access events, or if they need to submit their payment in full before taking a slot from another paying customer.

For more information on how these new settings work, please go to managing unpaid registrations.

Feel free to send us any feedback you have regarding the new feature – we want to hear from you!

What are we working on next?

Our developers are always working to bring new features to the ePly System – we are currently getting ready to deploy our new eTicket functionality – have the system send tickets by email with barcodes to so that your attendees are scannable using your preferred tracking software. We’ll keep you in the know as to when we’ll be ready to roll it out.

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