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November 29, 2010

5 Ideas To Increase Event Attendance Without Lowering Your Price

A goal for most events is to get enough participants to reach capacity. Occasionally we work on an event that sells out quickly and we stop accepting registrations early, but more often than not there’s room for more participants. Event marketing is complex and strategies vary for different demographics and event types, but doing a …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

5 Ways You May Be Frustrating Your Event Participants

The last thing that an event planner wants to do is to frustrate an event participant attempting to register for an event by turning the simple task into a stress raising endeavor that can ruin an otherwise good day at work. If you use online forms to register for events or to make purchases, it’s …Read more

Event Planning and Marketing

Why People Might Not Register For Your Event

The design and flow of your online registration form has a real influence on the number of people completing the registration process once they start. People selling merchandise online (etailers) refer to an incomplete purchase as shopping cart abandonment. Etailers lose sales everyday because of poorly designed online purchase systems and how they operate. Since …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Get More Registrants Clicking Submit With the Right First Impression

I have many memories of my studying days. Many are actually good memories but there is one thing in particular that has stayed with me because even then I knew my strategy should change. I loved my highlighters. Maybe they gave me a feeling of purpose. Highlighter in hand, by the time I got to …Read more