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Prevent Registration Nightmares With A Testing Procedure

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Last month, we asked you “Do You Check These 65 Details When Reviewing Your Online Forms?” Think again in terms of the pilot who has to perform checks from the moment he arrives at the plane to the moment he exits the plane. Once you’ve gone through the 65 details, you’ve done all of your ground checks and you’re actually starting the engines. The form design, formatting and event details are exactly as you want them and now you begin to test the form. This is the fun stuff!

So what do we mean by the fun stuff? Well, now you get to do everything wrong and try your hardest to trick and break the form. If you’re not sure what to do because you’re the sensible type who would enter all of your information perfectly, think in terms of a registrant who not only isn’t too computer savvy but isn’t following instructions. Now start clicking away!

Try making invalid selections and conflicting selections. For example, if you have selected non-member, try registering at the member price. And if you’ve registered for the Wednesday seminar, try selecting a Tuesday lunch preference. Leave data out of required fields and enter invalid data into required fields.

It’s not easy to think of everything that needs to be tested and particularly because you may not like thinking in terms of the wrong things to do! To help, we’ve provided a procedure which guides you through the testing phase so that you won’t miss any of those important details that you will notice once you start to receive registrations.

If the pilot isn’t absolutely confident that everything is going to function perfectly once he’s in the air, he’s not going to leave the ground. Likewise, if your online form isn’t accepting the right data, then things are going to come crashing down. Follow a simple testing procedure and guarantee yourself a smooth flight!

Download the infographic to Eliminate Event Registration Problems.

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