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7 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Dedicated Name Badge Printer

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Dedicated Name Badge Printer

You may have experienced lugging your office printer to an event to print onsite name badges but did you know that there are dedicated name badge printers that are portable, easy to use, and print amazing looking name badges? Traditional office printers print full sheets of paper which lead to wasted stock or a frustrating experience trying to align name badges, whereas dedicated name badge printers print one badge at a time. As mentioned before, office printers may be more bulky and prone to break if improperly handled, costing you more money in the long run. It’s time for you to consider purchasing a dedicated name badge printer which, from experience, has saved many event planners time, money, and stress.


Name Badge Printer Considerations

So you’ve decided to purchase a dedicated name badge printer, kudos to you! You’re probably wondering what you should know before you even buy one.


Stock Size & Printing Preference

The size of the name badge affects the type of dedicated name badge printer you require. Will you only print name badges that are 4 x 3 or need the option to print smaller/larger ones? Some printers are compatible with various sizes of stock. You’ll also want to know if the printer prints pages of stock or individual name badges. If it prints pages with 6-8 name badges per sheet, you might have to consider what’s needed to properly align name badges to avoid wasting stock.


Setting it up

Will you need a power outlet to plug your name badge printer into? Do you have multiple computers that you need to print from? Some printers run off USB connection or are even rechargeable. You might want to consider a wireless printer but you’ll need to consider cost, wireless reliability, and security.


Black and White or Colour

Most black and white printers are thermal so you’ll save costs in ink. However, you might want coloured name badges, but you’ll pay a premium to make them extra nice.



What systems are you running on your computers connected to the printers? Some higher end printers have mobile app support so that you can print directly from your phone. It’s very convenient but it usually comes with an added cost.



Ensure that getting a printer makes sense from an overall view. It wouldn’t make sense to buy a cheap printer that needs expensive ink or paper or vice versa. Try to find a balance and your investment will pay for itself and not make you pay for it.


Speed & Reliability

How fast does the name badge print? Will it create a bottleneck for your 1000 person event? In this case, you might consider factoring extra costs to purchase or rent multiple printers for the event. Does the printer come with a support team that you can call at anytime should you have troubles? Find reviews online to see the experience of other users.



If you foresee using your new piece of technology at each and every event, you will consider the size of the printer and possibly invest in a carrying case of some sort. Some name badge printers are small enough to even pack in your carry on luggage!


Where Can You Get a Name Badge Printer

You can search on manufacturer websites such as Datamax, Brother, or Primera, or better yet, try one of the resellers like pcnametag or your local Staples. Some name tag printing service companies even rent out their name badge printers for a cost plus shipping.


Suggested Name Badge Printers

For an entry level printer that’s simple and without the glam and prints black and white on only 3 x 4 stock paper, check out the Datamax E-4304B ~$500.00.

For a High End Colour Printer that has the glamour and glitz, try the Primera LX-400 Colour Printer which will run you up to around ~$1500.00

Here’s a handy printer comparison chart that might help find what you’re looking for.


Where Can You Get Supplies

The easiest way to get supplies is by ordering online. You can order stock directly from the manufacturer or from online office supply stores. Prices are typically the same if not cheaper than in-store. However, you will want to make sure that shipping charges and delivery time are considered.


Hopefully you’ve received a sense of what kind of name badge printer will work for your company and your event. We’ve given you our research and from our conclusions and from what other event planners have said, using name badge printers will save you time, money, and frustration. The real test is just choosing one that works for you.


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