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What to Expect When Working With ePly!

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Not knowing when to expect to hear from a supplier can be very frustrating. Did they get my email with my requests? Are they giving me the priority I need? Do they know I’m under a deadline? What should I tell my client or boss who is asking, “When the form will be live?”

At ePly, we understand that receiving updates and meeting deadlines is imperative to maintaining a great reputation with your client or boss. And, because we create hundreds of registration forms a year, we know approximately how long each step of the process takes.

  1. A first draft of your registration form within two business days after we receive your signed contract and all of your event details, unless we provide a specific date.
  2. Once you review the first draft of your form and send us the changes, we will have the form updated within one business day unless we provide a specific date.
  3. Your form will be ready to go live within two business days after you give your final approval on the layout and content. This gives us time to go through our 150 point checklist to ensure everything is perfect. If your form requires custom JavaScript programming (we will tell you if it does), up to three additional business days may be required to complete the programming and testing.
  4. We will respond to all voicemail and email within two business hours. If the person you are contacting is out of the office we will provide you with an alternate contact in case you need an immediate response.
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