The PCI DSS compliance policy of UBC is managed by Revenue Accounting in coordination with the UBC PCI Working Committee. ePly is one of the service providers recommended by UBC to provide event registration software and credit card processing services. If you are interested in setting up a credit card processing activity, contact Raul Ramos at

If you are hosting an event, the system allows you to create an online registration form with credit card processing. As people register for the event, you can login to monitor the registrations using the real time reporting. Other features that help you manage your event include automatically sending confirmation emails and receipts, allowing registrants to login and change their registration, registration limits, group registration and more.

Special Offer – Free use of the ePly system for free UBC related events.


  1. The events must be managed by a UBC employee or UBC student and take place on one of the UBC campuses.
  2. The event must be free for people to register for and to attend.
  3. ePly’s phone, email and live chat support is free. Contact us for a quote if you would like ePly to set up your form for you.
  4. ePly’s standard terms and conditions will apply and ePly reserves the right to, limit, change or extend this offer.

If you have any questions about this offer or the registration system, please contact us at or 604-484-0585.

Open a free account to start your registration form.


Why ePly

  • Vancouver, BC based and willing to meet with you in person – if you need to meet in person, we can set up a time to meet you at UBC.
  • Servers are physically located in Canada – saving data on servers located outside of Canada may violate some privacy policies because of the US Patriot Act.
  • No Use of Your Data – Some registration providers will use the registration data you collect to market their services or to sell to other organizations. ePly never uses your data or the data your registrants provide except to provide you with the reporting to manage your events.
  • All billing is in Canadian dollars – this means no additional exchange costs.
  • Free registration form branding – We will make your form match your website or event and make sure that it meets the UBC branding guidelines.
  • Expert online registration advice – We offer advice on how to building your form to be easy to use and give you the reporting you need, or we can do the set up for you.
  • Direct Support – You’ll have the direct extensions and email addresses of our support staff. When you call, you’ll get a live expert who will solve your problem without transferring you or making you submit a ticket.
  • Full access to all registration system features – We don’t have basic and pro levels, charge for extra users, or limit your use of the system based on how big your event is.
  • ePly is fully hosted – This means that using the system does not require the use of any UBC’s network or servers and there is no redirect required from UBC.



See ePly’s pricing page.


Credit Card Processing

There are two options for processing your event registration fees by credit card:

#1 – UBC ePayment System integrated with ePly registration form

  • 1% of transaction amounts + you pay your own ePayments fees.
  • $125.00 one time ePly integration fee.

#2 – Full Service – use ePly’s merchant accounts

  • 5.6% of transaction amount, includes merchant and gateway fees.
  • You get a monthly cheque or direct deposit.
  • Use of ePly’s accounts is subject to approval.


Have ePly Build Your Form For You

The cost is based on the complexity of your form, please contact us and we will give you quote your a price.  There is not charge from ePly if you use the system to build your own form.


Contacting ePly

If you have questions or would like more information about the registration software contact:

 Justin Dyck – justin@eply.com604-484-0585 x 1902.


Getting Started

Please contact Raul Ramos,  PCI Compliance Officer at for guidance and completion of UBC PCI Requirements.

To explore the registration software, you may start an account on the ePly system.  Before you make a form live on ePly you must meet all requirements from the UBC PCI Working Committee.