Attendee Data Management


Reporting is in real-time and there are automatically created standard reports with the option to create any number of custom reports that you need.
  • The dashboard includes an overview of registrations including a financial summary.
  • All reports and data can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file.
  • Full access to view and edit all collected registration data.
  • Track deleted and pending registrations.
  • Track all payments and refunds.
  • Add notes, add registrations from the back end to over ride pricing and logic.
  • Create any number of custom reports with any number of fields, sorts and filters.
  • Reports can pull data from more than one form/event.
  • Option to make a report public to easily share some information

Managing Payments

The ePly system automatically records accepted and declined credit card payments and any other adjustments you make to a registration.

Emailing Registrants

It just takes a few minutes to set up an email and send it to the registrants showing in any report.  This is often used as a reminder about the event, to contact people who haven’t paid or are registered for a particular session that might have changed.

System Users

 You can set up any number of additional users in your account.

  • There are several access levels form full access to read only with the option to see all events in your account or to just one or more.
  • The system tracks who made the last change to a registration and when.
  • Create your own custom roles for finer control over access to form settings and reporting.