Automatic Event Waitlists

Set Up and Manage Event Waitlists

If your events sell out or if you have limited space for sessions or other options, use this feature to automatically build and manage waitlists.

When space becomes available because of a change to an existing registration or because space was added, the system will automatically assign the spot to the next registrant on the waitlist or send an email to alert them that a spot is available.

Waitlist Features

  • Easy setup – simply check a box to activate a waitlist for a field.
  • If space becomes available the system can auto-assign the space, contact registrants by email in the order they were added to the waitlist, or allow the event planner to manually assign the spots.
  • Built-in waitlist reporting so that you can see who is on the waitlist, for what event, when they were added, and more.
  • All wording for the waitlists and related emails is customizable.
  • If no one on the waitlist claims an available space, the space will be released to allow new registrants to use it.

See detailed instructions on setting up the waitlist feature or contact ePly support for help.