Custom Event Registration Programming

If you have a complicated registration process or need a very custom event registration solution contact us to discuss your requirements.

The core ePly registration system has many customization options built in, but sometimes there’s a situation where we need to call in one of the ePly programmers to extend the system’s functionality for you.

Here are some examples of custom development work we have done for clients with special registration requirements:

Special Pricing Structures

  • Set up complex registration fee discount structures based on registration category, company or jurisdiction, income level, codes, number of people in a group, etc.
  • In some cases multiple criteria needed to be evaluated to determine the correct discount.

Extend The System to Handle an Award Entry Process

  • The system included over 40 categories and each category had different criteria and fields.
  • Entrants could register under multiple categories and save partially completed entries to be finished at a later date.
  • Special custom reporting for a blind judging process was added.

Other Work

  • Programming to automatically assign a testing center location to a registrant based on a zip code entered.
  • Restrict access to a registration form to a list of pre-approved registrants.
  • Set up custom reporting to export payment transaction information in a very specific format to interface with an accounting system.

Database Work

  • Clean and format data (make consistent case, find duplicate data, etc.) from an existing database.
  • Move data between databases.
  • Review broken databases and make recommendations on how to repair or update them.

See more examples on the event registration case studies page.