Support & Business Practices

response times

Support Calls and Emails


Phone, email and live chat support is available from 7AM to 6PM PST Monday to Friday.  Emergency support is available outside of these hours.  To reach emergency support call in and you will be routed to the cell phone of someone who can help you.  If there isn’t an immediate response, leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

During regular hours, when you call in you will usually get a live person right away. If you don’t happen to get us on the phone and leave a message or prefer to email, we’ll respond within two business hours, but usually much sooner.

If the person you are normally in contact with is away, contact support or sales by phone or email and anyone who answers will be able to help you or get you to someone who can.

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Registration Form Setup Times When ePly Builds Your Form


So that you know what to expect, we’ve set out these standards. In many cases we will exceed them and if you have an urgent deadline let us know so that we can work to meet it.

First Draft of Your Form

A first draft of your registration form will be ready within two business days after we receive your signed contract or online agreement and all of your event details.

Form Changes

When you send us changes to your form, we will make the changes within one business day.

Going Live

Your form will be ready to go live within two business days after you give your final approval on the layout and content. This gives us time to do our final testing to ensure everything is perfect. If your form requires custom JavaScript programming (we will tell you if it does) an additional business day may be required.

A Note About New Merchant Accounts:

Opening new merchant and/or gateway accounts can take longer than expected. The time depends on your account provider and how quickly you complete the necessary paperwork, but typically you need to allow one to two weeks or more. It is your responsibility to establish these accounts and provide us with the details we need, but we are here to assist you with the process.

payment terms



ePly will email an invoice or charge a credit card at the end of each month for the amount owing on your account. Invoices are due upon receipt unless other arrangemtns have been made.

Per Registration Charges

We don’t bill for fraudulent or duplicate registrations provided they are deleted from the database before the second day of each month.

Setup Fees

Invoices for set up fees are generated after the bulk of the setup work is done. This helps to lower your risk as you get to see what we build before having to pay.