Free bonuses when you use ePly

To help you put on great events and deliver even more value to your organization and/or your client, we’ve come up with the following bonuses when you use ePly.

Bonuses from ePly

Free Form Branding

Just ask and one of our registration form experts will make your registration form match the look and feel of your website or event theme.

Free “save the date” form

If you aren’t quite ready to launch your registration form and want to capture interest in your event, use a Save-the-Date form to collect contact information from interested registrants and then follow up with them when registration opens. ePly will not charge for any registrations made on a Save-the-Date form.

Free follow up survey

After your event, build a survey form to collect feedback from attendees. ePly will not charge for any registrations made on your post-event survey form.

Free mail marketing

If you are sending email invitations for your event, you can do that for free using the built in email feature in the ePly system.

For sending other mass email such as newsletters and promotions you can use a commercial grade email system that ePly resells.  This email system is free for your first 1000 contacts.  Read more about the email marketing options.