Languages and Currencies

This multi language event registration system allows you to build forms in several different languages and as a user, you can work in the system in English or French.

Registration Form Languages

The system has built-in settings to support French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Welsh.   
  • Quickly create registration forms in different languages.  In some cases you may have more than one form for the same event if you are expecting registrations form regions of the world.
  • Setting the language option will automatically translate many of the built in system messages.  For example, warning messages, button text, standard fields and more.
  • You have access to modify all field labels, text, emails etc. to be in any language.
  • If you have separate forms for different languages the report manager can pull data from each form to have the data in a central report.
  • See a sample french form.

If you would like to set up a form in a language that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we will consider adding it.


Form Currency

Along with the language setting, there is a separate currency setting that controls the currency type and formatting.

For example, if the currency is set to French it will appear as 100,00$ rather than $100.00.

If you are processing credit cards, your merchant account will need to support the currency you are charging  in.  See these merchant account options if you don’t already have one set up.

Event planners can work in the system in English or in French

When you are using the system to build registration forms and/or to manage the registration data, you can choose to work in the system in English or in French.  Each user in your account can choose their own language preference on their user settings page.