Event Check-In App

Mobile App for Event Check In and Reporting

This event check in app works on Apple iOS and Android Devices and is free to use for ePly customers. If you aren’t currently a customer,  start a free account to explore the system and the app.

  • fully integrated with the ePly system so you don’t need to download data and upload it to another system.
  • no set up needed, it’s ready to use with any event in the ePly system.
  • check in attendees for the event and/or for individual sessions.
  • when checking in for sessions, you can choose to only allow registered attendees to access the session or to record any attendee going into the session. 
  • find registrants by scanning a bar code, scrolling though the list or by entering a few characters of the person’s name, email or company name.
  • built-in bar code scanner  –  set up barcoded eTickets, confirmation emails or printed tickets and scan people in as they arrive.
  • automatically updates the registration database as soon as someone is checked-in.
  • allows multiple people to be checking attendees in at the same time with no conflicts.
  • view reports to see who has been checked-in/not checked-in, details for individual registration, amounts paid and due and more. 
  • register people on-site by opening the registration form directly from the app. 



Install for Free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  1. From your mobile device, tap the Apple App Store icon or the Google Play Store icon. Then tap the search icon.
  2. Type “eply” to bring up the App in the search list and tap the ePly App to access it.
  3. Tap “Install” and “Accept” and the App will start downloading.
  4. After it has finished downloading, the ePly App icon should appear on your mobile device.
  5. Log-in with your ePly username and password.

If you are already viewing this webpage from an Apple or Android device, you can click on the images below that will take you directly to installing the ePly App.

Available on the App Store
 Get it on Google Play