Name Badge and PDF File Generator

With this feature you can set up a custom name badge, charity tax receipt, certificate of attendance, printed ticket or any other type of file where you need merge registrant data, images and text into a PDF file.  Once your template is in place, it’s just a few clicks to generate a PDF containing all badges or documents for everyone in a report or to email each registrant their own individual file.

This feature allows you to:

  • Choose an existing common stock such as 4″ x 3″ name badges or a full 8.5″ x 11″ page or add your own stock.
  • Add any number of merge fields to insert registration details – name, company, sessions, amount paid, etc.
  • Insert text and images.
  • Specify font sizes, styles, colours, etc.
  • Generate one PDF file containing a all of the badges or documents for everyone in a report – usually used for name badges where the event planner will print them to be available to pick up at the event.
  • Generate a separate PDF file for each person in a report and then email it as an attachment to each person.
  • Generate individual PDF badges/files for registrants – usually used while at the event.


Name Badges

 Example of a name badge template   


Certificate of Completion/Attendance

Template for certificate of attendance   Example of a Certificate of Attendance


Charity Tax Receipts

Tax receipt example   Tax Receipt Example

See ePly’s help on setting up name badges and other PDFs for how to use this feature or contact us for one on one support.