Achievement through People 

DATE: Thursday, October 26, 2017    Facilitator: Monika Jensen, Ph.D



This workshop examines individual behaviours, interpersonal dynamics and the facilitative leadership style that is conducive to successful teamwork.

It encourages team leaders to become team players and fosters optimal levels of involvement on the part of all “stakeholders” in the organization. It also provides participants with the understanding and skills to best deploy the; skills, knowledge, experience, and commitment of people working together in teams.

At the end of the session participants will learn:

  • All stages of Team development
  • Types of Teams and how they function
  • Building and/or expanding the Team
  • Working styles within Teams
  • Active listening techniques that get to the heart of the problem
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

How do you create a sense of Team?

What are the behaviours that build healthy relationships and ensure that everyone in a group feels respected? "Team" is something that needs to be fostered, nurtured and supported and is reinforced by mutually-shared core values.

Linking to existing organizational values, this session provides insights into the important stages of Team development. Participants will also explore their own work as well as conflict styles, articulate what’s important to them in enhancing the sense of "team", and practice team-supportive communication and conflict resolution skills.

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