Registration for College and University Events

An event registration system for colleges and universities that is PCI compliant and flexible enough to meet the special requirements of many institutions.

How colleges and universities use ePly

Registration forms can be customized to handle almost any requirement.  Here are some common event types and requirements related to university events:

Scientific and Research related Conferences

  • multiple sessions
  • different pricing levels based on date or registration type
  • payment processing
  • group registration with special discounts
  • speaker registration with fields to collect bio and upload an image or abstract

Alumni Events

  • reunions with option for guest registration
  • ticketed events for fundraising
  • golf tournaments with foursome registration and fields for extra donations

Convocation Ceremony Tickets

  • allow graduating students only register for their ceremony and select tickets for family and friends.
  • limit the number to ticket for friends and family
  • email or print tickets with bar codes 

See all of the features of the registration system.

Contact us to see some example registration forms with requirement similar to what you might have.

Common Challenges Schools Face

There are a few common challenges that tend to come up when we are working with a college or university wants to use an online registration provider such as ePly.

Payment Processing

One of the main challenges is collecting payment for an event due to security concerns and internal policies around bank accounts, financial risks and security.  Typically we see credit card processing being handled one of two ways:

  1. Using ePly’s Merchant accounts – with this option ePly is contracted to process credit cards on behalf of the faculty.  The collected funds are deposited to ePly’s bank account and then each month the funds are transferred to the faculty less the processing fees by EFT or cheque along with a statement accounting for all funds.
  2. Using an online merchant account provided by the school – ePly can integrate with almost any credit card processing account.  When a school or a faculty has this in place the collected funds get deposited into the school or faculty’s bank account.  To help with the accounting of these transactions, ePly can provide API access to the data and/or do some custom programming to help the reconcile the funds back to a specific event or department.
  3. OneCard Integration – if your school uses OneCard to handle student payments, you can easily allow this payment option on your registration forms too.


Often a contract will need to be reviewed by the legal department at a college or university.  Depending on the reviewer, the event and policy there may be some back and forth to adjust some of the terms in the agreement.  In our experience these can usually be worked through to satisfy both parties experience but a sufficient amount of time needs to be allowed for the reviews and the back and forth.


If a finance department is involved they may request some special reporting from the registration supplier to help with reconciling accounts.  Each situation is different, so to ensure a smooth process involve finance staff early on in your research to registration system.


 Why ePly for University Related Events?

  • Experience working with schools including the University of BC, Ryerson University, Mohawk College, the University of Ottawa and more.
  • Understanding of the of the challenges when it comes to contracts, privacy, security and university finance and procurement departments.
  • Flexibility in terms of pricing models and contract terms to meet specific requirements.
  • System flexibility when it come to how the ePly system works with University systems. 
  • Can provide you with references from schools with requirements similar to yours. 


Special Offers

Conference Planning Departments

If you work on events specifically related to the conference services department at your school such as a FAM events or internal events related to conference or event planning, ePly may be willing to help with the online registration for an event at no charge.  We find that this can be a good way for us to show how the system works in a real situation and help to get some exposure to potential clients while you get full use of a powerful registration system.  Please contact us to discuss your event if this could be a fit for you.

College and University Associations

See ePly’s offer to sponsor events put on by college and university associations.


Get More Information

If you think that the ePly system could help with the events you put on call 1-800-507-3759 or email to discuss your requirements.


ePly is a member of the Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors – International.