Merchant Accounts

To collect event fees by credit card you must have an e-commerce enabled merchant account.  ePly recommends the following companies for competitive rates and great customer service.


Bringing ePly customers a secure payment solution, with competitive pricing and 24/7 support by phone, email or chat.

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No Set-Up Fees, No Locked contract, No Hidden Fees
+ 20¢ Per Transaction
VISA, MasterCard, AMEX
No Set-Up Fees, No Locked contract, No Hidden Fees
+ 20¢ Per Transaction
VISA, MasterCard, Discover


Already have a merchant account and need a gateway? We can help, contact Matt by email or at 1-250-984-8758.

Bambora has over fifteen years of experience in helping businesses of every size receive and make payments quickly and securely. As your business grows, Bambora can grow with you, keeping you plugged in no matter what merchant account you have. Join over 22,000 merchants who rely on Bambora and let them be Your Partner in Payments®.




2.9% for VISA, MasterCard and AMEX in CAD or USD
$0.30 per transactions

  • No setup, monthly fees or termination fees.
  • No minimums
  • No ePly integration fee. 
  • Very easy application and instant approval and integration with ePly, can start processing in less than 15 minutes. See Steps to Integrate/Create Stripe Account.
  • You can process refunds from within the ePly system.
  • Stripe processing fees are refunded to you if you refund a transaction.
  • Discounted rates may be offered if you are averaging more than $80,000 per month in sales.  Contact us for details.


Diamond Mind – merchant accounts specifically for schools using ePly

Diamond Mind Logo

Diamond Mind has been committed to simplifying payments solutions for schools since 2003. Over 1,200 schools across the US and Canada have been empowered to consolidate incoming payments across the campus to reduce rates, simplify reconciliation, and minimize risk. With Diamond Mind’s two pricing options, you can rest assured that your school will have a rate structure to meet your specific needs.

  • No $250 ePly integration fee
  • No setup or cancellation fees
Flat Rate – 4.00% to 3.05% or less depending on volume Discount Rate
Annual Volume Flat Rate
0 – 10k 4.00%
10k – 30k 3.60%
30k – 75k 3.30%
75k+ 3.05%
Qualified Rate
Visa / MC / Discover 
AMEX Rate 3.00%
Monthly Fees $20
Per Transaction Fee $0.25
  • $100 annual fee assessed to customers with expected annual volume under $100k
  • $0 per transaction fees
  • Custom pricing provided to customers with expected volume over $250k
  • Standard non-qualified surcharges are assessed on premium card transactions (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards) 

Learn more about Diamond Mind Merchant Accounts!


Credit Card Processing Fee Calculator


Getting Approved

When you apply for a merchant account, the provider will want to look at your website and/or registration form, so be sure to have these basic event and business details in place when they go to check.



When you are researching merchant accounts, here are some terms that you may come across.

Blended or Effective Discount Rate – you are charged the same discount rate for all transactions regardless of the type of card used.  This is an advantage for many businesses because you know exactly how much you’ll pay.

Interchange Plus Discount Rate – you are charged a discount rate that varies depending on the type of card used for the transaction.  You will only see the rate you actually paid on your monthly statements.  The rate for this model is made up of:

Interchange Rate – amount charged by the bank issuing the credit card.
Assessments – amount charged by the credit card company (VISA/MasterCard).
Plus – amount charged by the company providing the merchant account. 

Flash Discount Rate – A very low rate quoted by some companies selling merchant accounts.  This rate doesn’t include all of the fees that you actually pay.  If you come across a discount rate in the range of 1.9% be sure to ask what other fees and assessments might apply.