Why use ePly?

Here are a few items that make ePly different than other online registration providers:

Expert One-on-one Support

You get the direct extensions and email addresses of our system experts. This means that you can contact the same person each time so that they are familiar with your registration form and event.

Support staff are registration experts who care about what you need and they are willing to go out of their way to make sure your questions are answered.

A bit of expert help at the beginning can save you hours of time and frustration later.  For example, we will:

Help you to choose the best field types, labels and values for your situation

It’s easy to add fields to your form, but there are some big differences between radio buttons, drop down lists and check boxes.  With some careful thought, your registration data will give you the kind of reporting you need to make critical decisions about your event.

Help you minimize the time it takes to build a form and manage the collected registration data

There’s more than one way to set up an online registration form.  For example, if you have a series of events should you build one form for each event or should you list all events on one form?  There are pros and cons to each option and spending a few minutes working though the options before starting can save you hours of time later.

Review your form and point out any issues that may cause a registrant to become confused or abandon your form

Even if you are an expert if never hurts to have someone else review your work. Just ask, and one of our experts will review your form and let you know if they spot anything that might impact your event.


Simple Pricing

There are two options, per-registration where you only pay when someone registers or one fixed price for one or more events.  With either option, you get unlimited users and all of the features of the system are included.  See the pricing details.


Flexible Software and Creative Staff

We love coming up with efficient and cost effective ways to handle registration challenges. In many cases we can add custom programming or even add a feature to the system to meet specific requirements in less time than you might think.   Read about a few custom registration projects on the case studies page.


Free Registration Form Branding

With the ePly system you aren’t tied to a specific template and have unlimited flexibility in how you build your form. You can add any combination of fields and change all of the colours, fonts and styles to make the form match your website or event.

To get you started we will brand your form for free. Just ask and one of our experts will pull images, colors, fonts and other styles from your website or marketing material and add them to your form. See examples of well branded registration forms.


Mobile Friendly, One-page Forms

All registration forms are mobile friendly which has never been more important in terms of getting people registered for your event.

ePly also offers a unique registration form style that makes online registration easy. Our registration forms are a single, easy-to-use page so that registrants can scroll up and down to see what they need to complete and can easily review their data.  

We’ve found that it makes a huge difference to completion rates, and eliminates the confusion people often experience with multiple screen registrations. The end result? More registrations for you.

See this test on one page versus multi-page forms and the completion rates.


Documented Response Times

Our clients are serious about their business, and we are too. That’s why we have documented our response times for everything, from setting up your form to responding to a support email.  See our standards.


Free Resources

Since 2002 we have been writing articles, producing checklists and developing tools that our clients can use to put on great events and impress their clients. See online event registration blog


No Long-term Contracts

That’s right: we want our service and technology to keep you coming back, not a contractual obligation. We know that the best way to win your future business is to provide you with a great registration system and exceptional service, every time. That’s why we have tons of repeat business and customer referrals.


FREE Bonuses

Free “save the date” form – If you aren’t quite ready to launch your registration form and want to capture interest in your event, use a Save-the-Date form to collect contact information from interested registrants and then follow up with them when registration opens. ePly will not charge for any registrations made on a Save-the-Date form.

Free follow up survey – After your event, build a survey form to collect feedback from attendees. ePly will not charge for any registrations made on your post-event survey form.

See more bonus details.