Common Registration System Questions

Here are some common registration system questions people have when researching different companies. If you have a question that is not answered here, contact us directly.

What makes ePly different than other providers?
One of the main differences is the level of service you get and the knowledge of the people providing the service.  Everyone at ePly is a system expert and will go out of their way to help you.  See the why ePly page for more points on what sets ePly apart from other registration providers.

What is your pricing?
There are two pricing models, see the pricing page for details.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No, you can choose to pay per registrant, meaning that you will get a monthly invoice and can stop using the system at any time.  If you prefer a fixed rate to use the system for one or more events, then we would outline a time period in that arrangement.

Do I have to install software?
No, the system runs on ePly’s servers which means you are not required to purchase or install software.

Can you integration with my database?
We offer an API that you can use to pull registration data from ePly into your CRM system, accounting program or other database.  Contact us and we will send you the API documentation.

Is the information in your database secure?
Keeping information secure is our top priority. Only ePly clients are given passwords to access collected information. ePly does not store any credit card information on our server as the payments are processed in real time.

We also adhere to a strict privacy policy and never sell or distribute the information to any party other than our client.

Who owns the information in the database?
ePly clients have full access to all of the registration data for their events. Our clients own all of the data collected via their online forms. This data is never rented out, shared, or sold to any third parties. Visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.

ePly employees also have access to this data as part of their job. However, all of our employees have agreed to stringent privacy, confidentiality and technology usage policies before employment at ePly. Our Sales and Marketing staff have very limited access to registration data unless the project they are working on requires access to the database. ePly’s owners are the only ones with administrator level access to the live servers.

How secure is my data at ePly?
See ePly’s comprehensive security policies.