Registration Form Setup Times

Our Commitment To You

If you decide you’d like ePly to build your registration form for you, we thought it best to outline our set-up times. This way you know what to expect every step of the way.

Setup Times – What to Expect

  1. A first draft of your registration form within two business days after we receive your signed contract and all of your event details unless we provide a specific date.
  2. Once you review the first draft of your form and send us the changes, we will have the changes made within one business day after receiving them unless we provide a specific date.
  3. Your form will be ready to go live within two business days after you give your final approval on the layout and content. This gives us time to do our final testing to ensure everything is perfect. If your form requires custom JavaScript programming (we will tell you if it does) up to three additional business days may be required to complete the programming and testing.
  4. If you don’t happen to get us on the phone, we will respond to all voice mail and email within two business hours. If the person you are contact is out of the office you will be provided with an alternative contact in the voice message or email auto-reply.

A note about merchant accounts:

  1. If you are using your own online merchant accounts for credit card processing, integration with your credit card gateway account will be completed within two business days after your account is established and you have provided us with the necessary details. This applies to the following gateways: Beanstream, eSelect (Moneris), PSIgate,, Caledon Card Services and LinkPoint (First Data). For other compatible gateways we will provide you a time frame.
  2. Opening new merchant and/or gateway accounts can take longer than expected. The time depends on your account provider and how quickly you complete the necessary paperwork, but typically you need to allow one to two weeks or more. It is your responsibility to establish these accounts and provide us with the details we need, but we are here to assist you with the process.

Email Marketing Set-up Times

Our Email Marketing services provide a quick turn-around allowing you to promote your event quickly and efficiently. ePly can build your html email and send you a test message within two business days after receiving all email requirements. After we have made any necessary revisions and received your final approval we can deliver your email at your desired time within one business day.