Strategic Partners Wanted

We want to build relationships with companies that target event planners where working together will help both partners win new clients without incurring substantial marketing costs.

Who is a good partner?

Good partners for us:

  1. Have a similar target market to ePly – people planning events.
  2. Are professional and deliver exceptional service to their customers.
  3. Are usually able to deliver their product or service over a wide area.

A few examples of potential strategic partners include companies offering event insurance, speaker gifts, name badge printing and supplies, bar code scanner sales and rentals, event marketing services including social media set up, professional writers and graphic designers and venues with conference and meeting space.

How can we work together?

Here are a few ideas.  The exact details would depend on the business, types of clients, etc.

Offer Something of Value to ePly’s Leads

We would like strategic partners to offer something of value that we can pass onto our leads as an extra incentive for working with ePly.  For example, if we can tell our leads that when they use ePly, they get an x dollar credit with your company, it can help us win new customers and earn you new qualified leads.

The offer needs to have real value to the customer, but have a fairly low cost for you to deliver on.

What’s in it for you

The advantage to you is that your company is being exposed to new people and if your offer is appealing enough, the customer will give your company a try.  Once you are contacted, it’s an opportunity for you to turn it into a bigger sale and build the relationship into a repeat customer for a relatively small cost.

If you would like to offer your clients an extra incentive to use your service we are willing to come up with an offer too.  For example, we can offer x free online registrations where we normally bill $4.00 per registration.

Cross promote to reach a different pool of leads

Write articles

ePly writes monthly articles that get sent out to 10,000+ Event Planners, are posted on our event registration blog, added too our facebook page and tweeted.  These are actual articles and not advertisements and contain usable information, but there is always a call to action at the bottom to drive traffic to a website.  We can use our database of names to help promote your product or service in an article.

Provide marketing materials directly to clients

If you are shipping materials to clients, you could include one of ePly’s postcards with the shipment.

Train Staff

Simply letting your staff know who to recommend when asked for a product or service can go a long way.  Once a sale is made, it’s also easy to ask the client if they are also in need of a related product.

Next Steps

Please contact us at 1-800-507-3759 and press 1 for sales or to explore some ideas.