If you’re a contracted Event Planner, whether it's for colleges, weddings, or associations, you know that marketing yourself is 50% of the job. Your clients won’t just come, you have to put in marketing efforts to attract your target clients.

Now...it’s time to ask yourself: are you utilizing all marketing outlets to ensure your success as an Event Planner? We’ve put together 3 ways to drive interest, establish relationships, and ultimately secure your dream clients.


Social Media in 2019 is a great resource for driving interest in your services. That is, if you use it in the right ways and are consistent on each platform! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are platforms that most young professionals and Generation Y’s are looking at. Being a young professional myself, my go-to for credibility checks are Facebook and Instagram...it’s true! Credibility is moving further away from a company’s website and more towards what others have to say about the organization or service.

Instagram is a great way to market to young professionals. The platform allows you to keep your audience engaged with real-time Instagram stories and appealing photos. Share client testimonials on your stories, include viewers in on your personal life, talk to them about your upcoming events! Over time, this familiarity with your channel will drive them to engage with your content.

Typically, Facebook has the more seasoned generations engaging online. Why is that great for you? Those seasoned generations are the CEO’s, the VP’s, or the decision makers in the companies that will hire you to plan their event. Keep them engaged with your content by sharing some behind the scenes, current event projects, and lots of photos! You can even pay to have your posts boosted and reach audiences that may have never seen your content before. 

Twitter is a great platform for thought-leader content, quick updates, and cross-promotional content (retweeting!). If you use it the right way, it can quickly make your page more reputable- especially in the event world. Give it a shot!


We all know word-of-mouth marketing goes a long way. Referrals and reviews are ultimately the driving forces to a prospective client reaching out to you. As an Event Planner, it is so important to work hard at building relationships with each venue you work at. It’s worth going the extra mile to impress them with your hard work, attention to detail, and personality. Why? Because venues are one of the first items companies check off when they begin to plan an event. Send a thank you email after you work with them or engage with THEM online. Having the venues refer your services will go a long, long way!


If you live near a city, there are bound to be networking events in your industry that are occurring. This type of exposure to other vendors will begin to build credibility for your business and name. Not sure of where to find these events? No worries! EventBrite is always a great resource to use when searching for events. Attend, attend, attend! You never know if your next client is sitting right next to you.

It’s definitely safe to say that marketing is a large part of how successful your business will be over time. Investing time into these three things, with consistency, will boost your clientele, drive engagement, and ultimately land a client that was once on your “dream” list! Looking for ways to boost your event attendance once you score those dream list clients? Check out our free guide, Event Marketing: Promotional Tactics to Amplify Attendance, below!

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