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Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Collect Twitter Handles on Your Online Registration Forms

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Getting people to input their information on a registration form is hard enough but sometimes, depending on the event, it might be useful to collect Twitter handles from attendees. We feature below some of the shoulds and should nots when it comes to collecting Twitter information.  

You SHOULD be collecting Twitter handles if you…

  • are holding a large public event and want people to know about it
  • want to add another level of communication with your attendees
  • want to gain exposure and grow your online presence for your event and company

You SHOULDN’T be collecting Twitter handles if…

  • you don’t have someone committed and comfortable using Twitter and knows what to do with the collected information.
  • your attendees aren’t likely to be Twitter users. There’s no value in collecting what people don’t have.
  • you’re asking for a lot essential information on the registration form already and don’t want to add more friction to the process
example of collecting social media handles

Example of asking for social media handles on a form

You’ve decided to collect it, now what?

How To Use What You’ve Collected

  1. Create a specific lists on Twitter, add registrants to that list, follow them. and keep and eye out for what their saying. See How to create lists.
  2. Generate pre-event buzz by engaging attendees and new followers by asking questions and responding to them.
  3. Interact by retweeting, favouriting, following, and direct messaging your attendees. 
For more about the funky terms and lingo we’re using in this blog post, visit Twitter’s Glossary for what it all means.
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