Registration system pricing, choose a model that best fits your situation:

Pay Per Registrant

  • $4.00 per registrant.
  • No commitment beyond paying for registrations in the system.
  • Best if you are unsure of the number of registrants or prefer to pay monthly.


A Fixed Price

  • A price based on your registration volume, transaction amounts or special requirements.
  • Covers use of the system for a specific time frame or for one or more events.
  • Best if you want an exact upfront cost.

Get a Fixed Price Quote

Both options include:

  • Everything the ePly system can do – see All Features and Why ePly.

  • Free, unlimited support and advice.

  • Free form branding to make your form match your website.

  • Free bonus offers including email marketing software, follow up surveys and more.


Expert Form Building

If you’re pressed for time or just want someone else to take care of building your registration form for you we can help. We’ve built 1000’s of forms and can build a perfectly formatted and tested form for your event too. The cost is based on the complexity of your form, so just ask for a quote and we will send you an exact cost.


Credit Card Processing

Your merchant accounts

ePly’s merchant accounts

  • 5.6% of transaction amount, includes merchant and gateway fees.
  • You get a monthly cheque or direct deposit.
  • Use of ePly’s accounts is subject to approval.


Extra Help and Special Programming

Support is always free, but if you would like ePly staff to take a more active role setting up forms and special features, managing registrant data, sending emails or setting up name badges, just ask and we will quote you a price.