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Has your organization struggled in the past with hosting events? It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different elements you need to control. Even the most experienced planning teams can easily become buried under a mountain of challenges and obstacles. Don’t let this happen to your organization! 

Technology tools exist to lighten your load and enable you to operate more effectively and efficiently. Adopt an event management software that will allow your organization to perfectly plan its event and execute everything without all the hassle. 

However, we know there are a plethora of different event management software platforms on the market for you to choose from and picking the right one may seem daunting. Don’t worry! This post outlines the top features of the best event management software solutions so you can find the one that will work best for your organization.

This post will explore the following software solutions:

  1. ePly
  2. Fonteva Events
  3. Regpack
  4. Configio
  5. Eventzilla
  6. Eventdex
  7. ClearEvent
  8. VBO Tickets
  9. Gather
  10. Yapp
  11. Eventhub

With the help of any one of these software solutions, you will be able to streamline your operations and host events with ease. Let’s get started and help you find a software solution for your organization!

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1. Top Event Management Software — ePly

Overview of This Event Management Platform

ePly is a comprehensive event management software solution that can serve as a one-stop-shop for your event. Regardless of the size of your organization, whether you have 100 or 100,000 members, ePly is ready to work with associations, businesses, and universities to manage events smoothly.

At ePly, we have tools that will enable you to:

  • Build your own forms. All forms can be custom built to capture any data you need, ensuring that the wide range of individuals who attend your event are properly recorded for future reference. Plus, they can be branded to your organization!
  • Contact an expert. Never be without top-of-the-line assistance with ePly’s on-call expert. You will always have access to unlimited one-on-support so you can be sure your event goes off without a hitch.
  • Manage attendee data. Receive regular data reports to assist your organization and allow your team to make informed decisions about your event.

ePly offers all the tools you need to ensure you don’t hit any roadblocks while hosting your event, but the benefits of ePly don’t stop there!

Why ePly Stands Out

ePly offers a mobile conference app that serves as a seamless extension of your organization’s web presence. Completely branded to your organization, this app possesses useful tools that ensure your attendees are satisfied with your event, including:

  • E-ticketing.
  • Mobile check-in.
  • Digital event calendar.
  • PCI compliant payment processing.

Most event attendees turn to their phones for information about the event they want to attend. By creating a mobile-friendly app, your attendees will be able to easily access all the information they need and appreciate the convenient experience!

With this conference app, your organization can extend its web presence, satisfy attendees, and, most importantly, ensure your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

Check out the ePly website to learn more!

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Check out Fonteva Events as your next event management software.

2. Top Event Management Software — Fonteva Events

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Fonteva Events is a great event management software for organizations that use Salesforce. This software platform provides a host of useful tools for the entire lifecycle of your event, streamlining all your tasks from start to finish. These tools include:

  • Agenda builder. Completely design the agenda for your event and disseminate this among your attendees so they can know exactly what to expect.
  • Advanced registration. Capture the data you need, and only the data you need, with advanced registration options that enable you to tailor your registration process.
  • Attendee management. Use data reports to manage your attendees. See who is attending and find out how you can better serve them.
  • Transaction processing. Connect to 100+ payment processors and ensure attendees can make eStore purchases and complete registration payments.

This software will allow your organization to manage its event and never lose track of its data because of one simple fact: Fonteva Events is built on Salesforce.

Why Fonteva Events Stands Out

Salesforce, one of the world’s most popular CRM software platforms, expertly manages data and is highly valuable for many organizations. Fonteva Events is a native Salesforce app, meaning it is inherently integrated and will not take any extra leg work on your part to operate perfectly. 

Fonteva Events will enable your organization to access all attendee demographic data, receive comprehensive and real-time reports, and use an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

Check out the Fonteva Events website for more information.

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Check out Regpack as your next event management software.

3. Top Event Management Software — Regpack

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Regpack, an advanced event management software, specializes in perfecting the registration process. Their software presents a comprehensive solution for all of your registration needs that you can access from any device, 24/7.

This event management tool is a centralized registration database that offers unique features, like:

  • Integrated payment processing. Forget the days of third-party redirects with this tool. This smart system will automatically prompt applicants for payment information, calculate their unique payment needs, and ensure they have a safe, secure method of payment.
  • Reporting tools. View, edit, and manipulate your data in any way you want with this tool. You can easily gather the data into manageable reports that will surely benefit your team.

Regpack even embeds directly on your website, ensuring consistent branding and an easy experience for registrants.

Why Regpack Stands Out

The greatest feature offered by Regpack is hands down its intuitive registration process. This platform has a custom registration flow based on conditional logic that ensures each registrant has a unique, tailored interaction with your event registration.

To cut back on the number of people who abandon their registration forms due to frustration with overly complicated and nonrelevant data fields, Regpack decided to create a process that ensures each registrant is only asked information that pertains to them. When they make certain selections, the required registration fields are adjusted accordingly.

Cutting down on the administrative time it takes to manage your data and guaranteeing a smooth registration process for users, this software feature distinguishes Regpack from other event management tools.

Visit Regpack for more information!

Visit Regpack for your event management software needs!

Check out Configio as your next event management software.

4. Top Event Management Software — Configio

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Configio offers unique event management tools to help your organization design, promote, and automate its events. Configio is a flexible, robust software platform that can help you manage your event from start to finish.

You can benefit from useful tools, like:

  • Web design assistance. Your event needs to be featured on your website in order to gain maximum visibility. Configio will help you design your website around your event and provide a content editor to ensure maximum success.
  • Email automation. Effective communication is essential to your event’s success, so allow automated emails do some of the legwork for you and keep registrants informed.
  • Individual and group registration. Make registration as easy as possible by allowing registrants to register as both individuals and as groups.
  • Automated survey. The best way to host successful events is to give attendees exactly what they want. Use the automated survey tool to assess your attendees’ desires and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Personalized certificates. Conferences and networking events are a great way to expand your professional horizons. Personalized certificates can be used to display your attendees' unique proficiencies and demonstrate their level of involvement.

Configio is here to help you organize your event and see it through to completion.

Why Configio Stands Out

Configio has unparalleled data reporting tools that help you measure your event’s success. Their tools track and measure your:

  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Website traffic.
  • Conversion rates.
  • Sales.

They offer an intuitive dashboard through which you can easily see and organize your data reports. This will easily help you plan for future events!

Check out the Configio website to learn more!

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Check out Eventzilla as your next event management software.

5. Top Event Management Software — Eventzilla

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Eventzilla is a quality event management software that appeals to a wide range of industries and easily facilitates all types of events. With this software platform, you will be able to:

  • Create custom web pages. In a matter of minutes, you can create a branded, professional-looking web page to help spread the word about your event.
  • Customize the registration process. Enable customized registration emails, session info, badges, and reminders as well as offer multiple registration flows based on the attendee type.
  • Process payments. Accept a variety of payment types, such as credit/debit cards, invoice, check, cash, and bank transfers and process them quickly and securely.

With Eventzilla, you can throw a successful event and simplify your entire event management process.

Why Eventzilla Stands Out

One of the greatest features of Eventzilla is its ability to target multiple industries with its unique offerings. It has specifically designed tools created to facilitate:

  • Conferences. Easily manage abstract submissions and conference scheduling and produce custom name badges to ensure your conference runs smoothly.
  • Fundraisers. Accept donation and automate necessary elements like payment reminders and attendee notifications.
  • Training/classes. Manage session and course schedules, payments, completion certificates, and allow recurring course dates.

Eventzilla will help you manage your event, regardless of what industry you represent. They offer many industry-specific tools so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible targeted tools for your organization.

Visit Eventzilla and learn more!

Visit Eventzilla for all of your event management software needs!

Check out Eventdex as your next event management software.

6. Top Event Management Software — Eventdex

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Eventdex is a great software platform for organizations that need to manage multiple events all on one platform. You can manage all of your events from the time you create the event from beginning to end all in one place, with tools like:

  • Lead retrieval. With just the push of one button, you can collect non-stop leads collected by their Lead Retrieval App.
  • Onsite management. Print out badges, collect payments, streamline registration and check-in, all with the Eventdex Onsite Management App.
  • Event registration.Attendees can complete registration in under a minute and receive a badge with a unique QR code to facilitate easy check-in.

The Eventdex suite of apps has an app for everything that your organization could need in distinct, separate applications.

Why Eventdex Stands Out

The Eventdex B2B Matchmaking software helps your event attendees connect with one another, schedule meetings, and filter profiles based on relevance to them so that they can meet like-minded individuals.

With the capacity to allow one-on-one meetings or assign booths and tables for group meetings and circuits, your attendees will be sure to have plenty of opportunities to network. While meetings can be both planned and impromptu, attendees can update their schedules to show their availability to all other attendees.

This app will ensure your organization’s event can operate and the AI component guarantees that the correct people will be matched together!

Check out Eventdex now and learn more!

Check out Eventdex as your next event management software!

Check out ClearEvent as your event management software!

7. Top Event Management Software — ClearEvent

Overview of This Event Management Platform

ClearEvent is a cloud-based platform that is easily adaptable into your existing operations. With this tool at your disposal, you can unite your team, stay on budget, and promote your brand, all while hosting a great event. Use any of its unique features, such as:

  • On-site kiosk mode. Use tablets, computers, and phones to facilitate an on-site self-service kiosk where individuals can purchase tickets and complete their registration for your event.
  • Custom branding. Every aspect of your event promotion can be 100% branded to your organization, including colors, imagery, and logos.
  • Schedule builder. Build a shareable schedule for large groups or individual attendees or activity participants.
  • Contact management. Share and manage your contacts through a single master contact database. This tool can help you update, organize, and use your contacts to better communicate with your event attendees.

Your event will be greatly facilitated with the use of any of these tools, ensuring your team doesn’t have to deal with the normal obstacles to an effective event.

Why ClearEvent Stands Out

ClearEvent’s extensive security measures help it stand out amongst other event management tools. ClearEvent offers security measures such as:

  • Data encryption
  • PCI compliance
  • Firewalls
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Data protection

All of these barriers stand between unqualified persons and the private, confidential information about your attendees housed in your database. While your team will have easy access to the important information needed to guarantee a successful event, attendees can rest assured that the information they would rather keep private stays that way.

Visit ClearEvent for more information!

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Check out VBO Tickets as your next event management software!

8. Top Event Management Software — VBO Tickets

Overview of This Event Management Platform

VBO Tickets is an event management software that specializes in flexible ticketing options. Ticketing can pose plenty of obstacles on the day of your event and your team may want to take steps to prevent these from occurring. With VBO Tickets, you can count on:

  • Clear subscription and membership options. Allow your event attendees to purchase standard subscriptions as well as any special options you prefer. Emphasizing recurring and flexible membership passes can increase attendee engagement over time.
  • A cloud-based box office. Sell tickets and manage your box office from anywhere, and from the comfort of any device.
  • CRM access. A CRM can create complete profiles of everyone involved in your event, integrate with useful communication tools and store secure attendee data.
  • Donation tools. Use their helpful donation plugin or donation widget that embeds in your website to steward donors while selling your tickets and promoting your event.

VBO Tickets wants to help your organization make ticketing easier by offering excellent ticketing options as well as related offerings that can help streamline the operations of your event.

Why VBO Tickets Stands Out

Say goodbye to the days of stressing over event ticketing. VBO Tickets distinguishes itself by allowing your organization to facilitate ticketing in whichever it prefers. Depending on how your organization operates, this platform can integrate with your sales method. Whether you have a box office or collect ticket sales on location, VBO Tickets is willing to do whatever it takes to suit your preferences.

With this platform, you can sell tickets:

  • At the door
  • On mobile.
  • On Facebook.
  • On your website.

This kind of ticketing freedom is hard to find and makes VBO tickets a unique software platform for all those wanting more control over their ticketing process.

Check out VBO tickets to learn more!

Visit VBO Tickets for all your event management software needs!

Check out Gather as your next event management software!

9. Top Event Management Software — Gather

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Gather is an event management tool that prides itself on the ability to:

  • Help your organization grow.
  • Manage your event.
  • Delight your event attendees.

This software platform will help your organization source leads from your website and extend the reach of your team across its extensive network. Your organization can track these leads in its database and analyze reports based on the data collected on-the-go. Every operation of your organization is streamlined and you can keep a close eye on your event with a step-by-step event tracking program.

Why Gather Stands Out

Gather offers a comprehensive, all-inclusive event portal that is easy to navigate and helps ensure your attendees are satisfied with their involvement in your event. This portal keeps everyone in the loop throughout your entire event timeline and guarantees that your guests receive top-of-the-line customer service.

The happier attendees are with your event, the more likely it is that people will want to attend your events in the future. This portal facilitates quick response times and easy-to-understand information relay that guests will really appreciate!

Check out the Gather website to get started!

Visit Gather for your event management software needs!

Check out Yapp as your next event management software!

10. Top Event Management Software — Yapp

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Yapp is an event management software tool that has tools for both event attendees and event organizers. They want to ensure your team has an easier time managing the event and event attendees are happy with their experience with your organization.

Tools for event attendees include:

  • Scheduling facilitation.
  • Location information.
  • Attendee profiles.
  • Media and documents.

Meanwhile, organizers will benefit from tools for:

  • Real-time analytics.
  • Social integrations.
  • Importing content.

This software platform is designed with tools that specifically appeal to both attendees and organizers because the tools they need are so different. Attendees need information about the logistics of the event and the other people attending so they can effectively network. Meanwhile, organizers need access to databases and reporting tools so they can make informed decisions about their event.

Why Yapp Stands Out

It is unlikely that your event planning team has the resources to devote to training a person to create and write copy for your web pages for your event. Luckily, Yapp has a series of template pages including:

  • Information pages.
  • Scheduling (one-track and multi-track)
  • Attendee profiles.
  • Invitations.
  • Ticketing.
  • Galleries.
  • Sponsorship pages.

Creating a comprehensive web presence devoted to your organization and its event has never been easier with the ability to easily fill in your information and start promoting your event!

Find out more at the Yapp website!

Visit Yapp for your event management software needs!

Check out Eventhub as your next event management software!

11. Top Event Management Software — Eventhub

Overview of This Event Management Platform

Eventhub is a holistic cloud-based event management platform that can help your event organize and run any type of event while providing insights into possible areas of strengthening for your event.

This software platform has tools to help your organization:

  • Facilitate guest management. Build and approve guest lists for better guest communication.
  • Enable ticket distribution. Say goodbye to paper tickets with automatically digitally distributed email tickets.
  • Display your event calendar. Have complete visibility of all activities and programs at your event and convey the information to others.
  • Allow event types. Organize, track, and manage all types of events.
  • Personalize your brand. All email communication templates and landing pages can be customized to fit your organization’s brand.

This software platform will help your organization manage and execute its events with ease!

Why Eventhub Stands Out

The greatest aspect of Eventhub is its event-specific CRM. It is an all-encompassing event relationship management solution that allows you to control every aspect of your event. This tool will greatly decrease the amount of time you spend manually pouring over spreadsheets, emails, and other moving parts.

This built-in CRM is the only CRM that can perfectly sort out your guests’ hospitality preferences and enable you to use this information to benefit your organization.

With this information, you can make informed decisions about your event, and guarantee your guests are satisfied with your event.

Check out their Eventhub website!

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