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2014 Posts

2014 has been a busy year at ePly. Here’s what other event professionals, like yourself, loved the most on your source for event registration tips and industry blog. 

  1. How to Ask for a Great Testimonial
    We illustrate the difference between an OK and a GREAT testimonial and give you a template to use when asking your participants for their feedback.
  2. 2. What You Might Be Missing in Your Confirmation Emails
    Suggestions that will help you prepare great confirmation emails and get you on the way to planning another memorable event.
  3. Are you Making These Common Wording Errors on Event Websites and Registration Forms?
    A quick overview of some wording and grammar rules to keep in mind when developing your registration forms and copy.
  4. 23 Event Registration Form Rules to Sell Out Events
    A popular infographic on what you should know when developing your online registration form.
  5. How to Write Effective Blog Posts for Your Events
    Consider the blog posts you write as an opportunity to show the lighter side of your event and an additional way to connect with your (potential) registrants.


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