Are You Using the Best Tools to Capture Your Events?

It’s one thing to say you had a successful event and another thing to prove it to your audience. Are you stopping to think “Am I capturing strong marketing material?” in the middle of your busy event? Chances are probably low, right?

Having strong documentation at your events can help provide a compelling argument for your audience when you begin to promote your next function. Check out these three tools you need to implement the next time you go to properly capture your next event

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6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Online Registration Provider

Not all online registration vendors are created equal, so it pays to do a little research and ask a few questions before you sign-up with a vendor. Check out these six important questions you should ask before choosing which vendor will help you with your event. 

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4 Fundamental Guidelines for Saving Money on Event Purchases

Let’s be honest - who doesn’t love saving money? However, keeping within a budget is probably one of the top stressors for most event planners. You have a lot to consider: Venue, entertainment, transportation, food and drink, etc. So, how do you save where you can?

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